PT Kioson Commercial Indonesia Tbk is a technology startup founded in June 2015 by experts in the fields of e-commerce, financial telecommunications and merchandising, including Roby Tan, Viperi Limiardi, and Jasin Halim. Carrying the tagline "Everyone Can Be Online", Kioson provides a digital platform to provide business opportunitiesfor all Indonesians.

Kioson was first introduced to the public on August 8, 2015 by launching beta testing of 300 tablets with the Kioson application installed. In 2016, Kioson became a Top 10 Finalist at the Startup World Cup. As part of its efforts to become an O2O company that continues to provide complete services to its partners, Kioson has successfully listed itself on the Indonesia Stock Exchange as the first Start Up Go Public in Indonesia.

Kioson's business activities are based on the Articles of Association, the Company is engaged in trade, services, construction, industry, printing, transportation, workshop and agriculture. Currently, KIOS is engaged in onlinecommerce or e-commerce and technology.